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I stood behind her and let her hug and press the right breast to her that my hips slipped between the legs ... She reached down to grab my tail between her legs, stroking it hard to get ... I pushed her gently, softly and slowly ... Sliding in so easily. I wanted to get wet, get ready to slide into her ass .. She pressed her hips back into me. I lay there motionless, only her and waited, watching. He reached to stroke her hand over him. He jumped quickly to life now under his touch. They kissed hard now, his hands on her breasts, squeezing and pressing ... I went, wet ... When I did, I have never ceased to touch ... slipped on her ass and pushed him gently ... first, and she pushed her hips tightened ... before we did. When she squeezed tightly for a few seconds, then release, I suddenly slipped into her ass and easy. But as she did, she broke the kiss ... "Wait, wait, wait ..." she gasped. I was worried it was either incorrect or does not want. I would not be more wrong. Without a word, she climbed over him. Among his cock in her hand, she slipped on her, he disappeared into her so fast. When she did, she looked at me, eyes half-closed eyes and open mouth. "Well ..." I knelt behind her, spread my legs around his. It took a while to adapt and the correct position without him on his knees, but once I did, I was not far. I was iron hard and ready ... as she slid down, I could see her juice and drops of her, him. So damn hot. She leaned forward in his chest ... Face pressed against him. He reached back and spread her ass while she raised her hips to me. I ran the head of my cock up and down, more of them slickening. At this point, we were all breathing hard, I think surprised to reach this point. I stopped and pushed all the way ... as my cock hit his ass, he just slipped in. .. stop it before the first peak around my head ... Slowly, slowly push. His arms around her and held her ass, face pressed against his chest, moaning sweetly ... I pressed it ... suddenly within him. I felt strong as its about me, relax your body, as I slipped inside just a little. It felt different, closer ... I could feel the hard rock by his ... When I did, she moaned both, kissing all of a sudden and long term. So we sat for a moment ... can relax and enjoy it themselves ... after a little, she came down on him ... how they did it, I snuck in the ass a little deeper. Slowly, we moved every time a little more inside, until we realized we were both fucking her at once. My cock fighting ... Feel whole and he felt her tight, hot around me ... Now move your hips, that's me, as she gasped. We found a rhythm, in and out together, deeper and more ... long slow strokes, fucking my daughter together. This is so damn hot ... the feeling when he know that you, yourself to feel whole. I leaned forward and kissed him back, sliding my cock before I did. I found myself in my thumb to push harder now. When I did that, he began to pound into her bottom ... I matched his pace, fucking her more now that hard ... she was delirious ... Shivering and curling her toes to the legs, moaning ... It was hard ... both of us in it, its filling. Later she said she held him, knowing that they would break out, until they at times we felt almost brushing the others into it. When the realization hit her, she came hard ... correct on both of us down and back to us. She was trembling body, moaning and screaming ... It was for me ... I pulled, the sudden feeling washed over me. It was close, I was not far from his ... But I pulled hard and gushes all over her ass. As it happened, he gasped and squeezed his balls again and pushed it through ... He exploded into her that I was finished, moaning in the chest as she held him, cumming hard in her black pussy ... We sat there for a minute ... collapsed and waste ... hardened and smooth. Ive never been so totally fucked, so filled ... She was rocking in my arms and kissed me hard and deep, and pushed her face into my neck. I think it was a good hour before anyone moves. Cumlouder Mania

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After I arrived, it was still rock hard ... She pushed her lips up and down his tree fast, it allows him to work with his hands ... she turned with a sigh and sat down, my cum slide down her breasts. She immediately, without words, crawled to him on all fours, with his face to mine. As he slipped in behind her, she gasped. At this point, it was brutal ... You know that? She took it so easy to slip as he oiled. I asked him how he felt, she just smiled and pulled me into another deep kiss ... she looked over her shoulder and told him and said, "... fuck me hard." I began to lick and suck her breasts hard not to bite or rough ... very thorough. Kiss and pull away from her body, letting her nipples slip through my lips. She walked on all fours and let you take ... He suggested ... I bent to look away in deep ... his iron will tree hard for them. I loved seeing her lips spread for him. I wanted to see ... he got to the end of the bed and pulled in front of him ... spread her legs, he slid hard into her right away by her ... I kept looking back, his bullets hit her hips and to fight only. Her eyes closed, she leaned back into him only to take it easy ... When he came, she reached back between her legs and massaged his balls ... His hand was small, his huge cock throbbing inside her. She looked over her shoulder at him, knowing what was going on, and said: "I ...". He gasped for air and accelerates the pace hard ... Her body stiffened and tensed up, and I could see his balls tighten ... It was damn hot .. their hips to go deep and react, in its judgment, and his body, tighten the balls again and again as he fired at her ... They were both wet from sweat, we were all ... He collapsed on his back, held my breath and just ... she kept on her hips and holds it in the moisture as it slipped a little ... Upon completion and rolled to the side, I lay beside her, in front of him ... They shone. He took a deep breath, recycling and stroked her legs ... she was on her side in front of me, smiling. I leaned forward and kissed him. It was not something I expected, but the idea of ​​us all together in his mouth was a turning point. As we kissed her and rolled her mouth, she met ... I saw her kiss her deeply, make your eyes closed ... nothing overtly sexual, just relax ... I slid my hand between her legs gently (I thought it may be painful) and dipped my finger on the lips ... wet and they are ... and so hot. I put my hand flat on it so that it just above her clit and my finger at the low level ... When I did, she came in her mouth soft moan ... he held her from behind and she leaned toward him. I felt her squeeze tight on my finger once, then release ... as it did, my finger slipped in ... a bit ... I started kissing her neck, the neck below the ear, as he kissed her mouth ... it rose to kiss me when he buried his face in her hair and whispered as she felt ... His legs extended ... I knew she wanted more, we both. I could see his hand on her belly, her other hand on my thigh. I gently massaged and slipped deeper into her ... It was wet out there, so it was panting so easy to slip it back in. when my fingers reached the bottom of his ... I felt his warmth around me, her body tight and my dick started to grow ... Videos Porno

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He shot her breasts and throat

I walked over and knelt down and kissed ... It was hot, it moves from him to me. He put her breasts from below, they lift and pressed gently. My tongue met her and are twisted together gently feel, get up again, arching her body to meet me. She slipped, kneeling on the bed ... which saw his hot sperm smooth and moist on her stomach and down ... We always kiss and his hands slid my chest and shoulders. He looked at the time, is still recovering ... I stood over her as she slid to the floor below me, with my dick in your hand. I was so damn hard and painful ... watching it made me mad. As she knelt, she gave me and pushed her mouth and looked at me .. his eyes were spinning. He sat on the bed stroking himself and tried to recover. I pulled to the side a little and slipped it sits right next to her, her hips meet her shoulder as she slid her tongue up and down my shaft. He met other hand, lazy, and his leg slipped down to his knees to his cock ... to reach the base and gently stroking up and down ... He stood beside me, side by side and they looked at us and smiled ... Each of us in their hands, they came and went ... brings us closer together, hard and throbbing ... He was once again difficult, if her mouth would go from me to him and back, so we just ... a trace of saliva binds us all softly hang three ... She was kneeling at this point, we stood before her, we both ... I was hard to enjoy closer, I had not been in his time. She knew when he teased me and spent more time on him ... She took both his hands, stroking up and down to lick the head while looking at me. His hands were circling his hard cock, stroking around and around ... This is so fucking hot. I pulled his hands still on her and she sat on the end of the bed. She rolled on her back, her legs around him and head close to him ... He slid slowly into her mouth as I slid my cock into her. It was so easy ... She was soaking wet. We started slowly, the movement of me fucking her sliding his cock in her mouth ... But as we go, moving his hips, fucking her mouth. We, therefore, pose for a while, damn slow ... long and deep movements toward both ends. Her legs wrapped around me, my feet on the hips. I leaned forward to kiss and lick her breasts while she held his cock and suck the head. It was hot to see him, so close ... his lips around his throbbing cock ... I began to beat his ... I could not brake. I felt the need to return to the point. I lifted one leg over my shoulder to get deep, feeling her slippery around me. When I began to cum, I pulled and pushed her body ... I gushes hard ... built mocked for so long. He shot her breasts and throat. It was too hot to see me covered by ... Videos Porno

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Totally fucked

They were a little bit until he pulled out and rolled on its side. She leaned over and teased him and kissed him gently. His hand was on his tail, the other scratching his chest and stomach, on her nipples. This mutual massaging her breasts and kisses back. He was soon ready, but she moved to sit on the bed so that his feet were on the ground, but he was lying on his back. She straddled him, facing me, pumping and stroking his cock. She was totally turned on ... This kind of heavy breathing, his eyes half closed cornea. His tail was between her legs, hard and vigilant, as he worked his hand. She stroked it and looked at me ... I knew she was really hot. She said: "I want to give him the feeling ..." and without another word, reached down deep and slipped the condom and out of it. He was twinkling with his own sperm, as they snapped and fell to the ground. She turned and looked at him, to kiss her hard and deep. When she did, she held his tail up and over her head up between her lips. After a while she pushed down ... He disappeared into it, long and slow. It was fucking hot ... that's the only thing I really remember of the experience that time, she let go and totally fucked him. She placed her hands on her and pushed her over his head. Riding him now, she was wrong. When she began to shake and cum, her toes curled on his side ... I could see he was almost ready for this moment, after all the attention. She worked his hard cock ... kiss her in front of me. She whispered something (not sure what) and began to plunge and to him near the top by pulling on it every race. He hit the ground and must have been hard hit, because he again reached and grabbed her ass ... He came and freed himself, as his cock began splashing ... There was a lot. He hit the bottom of the belly and lips ... shine on his skin warm. At that time ... I had to come in. .. Sex Shop

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Look who was ridiculously hot

It was so hard ... Things stopped though for one minute. I think he was not sure what he wanted, and we are not. However, we had condoms in the room, so she got up to get one and peel open. It was really hot watching her slide on the tip of his tail and deploy along its axis, one hand on the base and the other by repeated until it is covered. She turned and shot him in the mouth. They kissed again, long and deep as he knelt between her legs. It was brutal ... do not tease or waiting. He took his dick in his hand and led him to her, sliding in slow motion. Look who was ridiculously hot. He pushed hard ... She saw his press hips as he worked his cock into it all the way. A moment later she gasped as he began to kiss. Her legs were spread around the hips, and I could see he was black already of his. She whispered something and he started banging on ... stood over her, his hands on the bed next to his head, his tail into the hole and outside it. They were pretty hectic ... It was a great release for each of them. They were flirting a little and wanted to one another so that there is an accumulation of the latter. I could see her face, her eyes closed and mouth open, panting on her shoulder. His pace is fast, faster measuring point has been reached where I knew he was close. His hands reached back and pulled his ass to him, all the way up to the hilt, as he came. He came hard in her deep, with the condom, breath ...

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She kissed her wet body to his cock

A week later I received a text from her. I was home and she was with him ... he agreed to come and go. I was curious. I showered, waited an hour and they have shown. At this point, with zero experience with this kind of thing I was not sure how to go there. Light candles? Put on a variety of lotions and gels? Wear a dress and smoking a pipe? Everything was so confused ... They came from the gym, so she wanted a shower. I hung with him for a few minutes and we were both nervous ... I knew that the reading of his texts (they are located), it was in her, and she obviously had an eye on the guy. I finally just asked him whether he too, was surprised by the shower. He asked me if I was sure, and I thought it would be a good way to break the ice. He disappeared and all I heard was running the shower for about 20 minutes. She told me later, he walked in and after a moment, opened the shower curtain. He took her in his arms and they took him, as he absorbs. Do not speak .. just stood together under water, making out and run their hands all over my body. Finally, it has a lot to where they wanted me to participate. They met me in the bedroom, on bath towels. I tried to put everything back and watch quietly. They sell ... They took control to terminate his briefcase in a puddle around his legs. Finally, he pulled his out, he slips. She went to bed, staring at each other and kiss. I was at the end of the bed of a safe, just watch ... perfect vision. Both spread their legs and teasing ... take her hand down to his stick and push down and the ease of a finger along her slit. She kissed her wet body to his cock, sliding her lips up and along the tree. She looked at me and saw me while running her tongue over it ... totally hot :) She looked away and took him into her mouth. At that time it was almost exclusively among themselves.

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Girls kissing girls

My girlfriend and I had a lot of our fantasies together, especially talking during sex. One topic that we have done a lot was the idea of ​​a trio ... she was more comfortable and receptive to a guy with us, and we focus on this issue. We incorporate a lot of dirty talk in the bedroom ... they describe what they wanted to do for "him", or ask them what they wanted to do both. He grew over time and of course made us both. I raised the idea of ​​really trying and it was OK with how it was the right person. A few weeks later, she met this guy at the gym and over time developed an eye on him. We spoke with him, in our imaginary conversations to integrate rather than a stranger. She made efforts to learn and know ... how they talk to him and flirt more openly. I encouraged him, and it clearly lit. She mentioned the idea in most cases, and closer than we did. For weeks they were flirting and she told me about how it is activated, how they felt, what he says or does. He has never amounted to anything, until one night we were talking about fantasizing /, and she said she was gone. She told how she, her in the gym, timing looked like he left, so that at the same time, the race into him at the door. He went to his car and she flirted a little, not much, but he is happy to take the effort to speak more. A few days later he left with his new, waiting at the door when she went out. They went to his car and talked for a bit there ... She flirted and asked him. She said she was flattered with someone, but he felt. He tried to end the conversation, but she said she would not mind a beer and hanging out. They talked a little, and she gave him her number. After we talked, she wanted to see if it would go further. She wanted to do with me around, but what was more than fine with me. At this point she began to talk to him occasionally with SMS and innuendo. One night she lay with him to the gym to his car, where they ended up kissing. Currently, she has founded, we wanted to get things going and he was open-minded, at least while flirting on the phone. This later heard, was a turn on ... I appreciate his Cut Loose imagine, explore his own imagination, and the idea that it was just hot.